Unity untied

M&M's opus extinct

Veteran developers Jeff Minter and Peter Molyneux have been forced to call it a day on their collaborative effort, the aptly titled 'Unity', which was being developed between the creative pair with help from Lionhead. Minter's efforts going back two years were reportedly poured into the ambitious 3D shooter project, but in the end it came down to the cold hard facts of business, and the time constraints involved. Whilst the project was said to be going well, the high standards demanded of the title by both creators meant that a lot longer would be needed to perfect the game. Unfortunately, it was felt that a publisher would not be interested in releasing a GameCube title in the time-frame required. The project was thusly canned, much to its creators and our disappointment.

"Basically, although I've built a shedload of stuff for Unity in the past couple of years it's become clear that getting it all together into something that I'd be happy to call Unity and put my name to was going to take a lot of time and effort both from myself and the guys at Lionhead, and realistically it was becoming unlikely that it'd be finished in time for anyone to want to publish it on GameCube. The alternative would be a rush job and we simply didn't want to do that. Best to call it a day," commented an evidently gutted Minter online.

We'll keep you posted further on all such matters.

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