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PSP slammed by Nintendo boss

"Why not buy a DS instsead?"

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata has slammed the Sony PSP just a day after its launch, claiming that the Japanese giant's big handheld hope fails to attract newcomers to gaming, and is systematic of a problem within the industry which simply looks to better graphics as the way forward. Iwata contrasted the brute power of the PSP with the innovations of the Nintendo DS, which uses creative control methods and dual screens to interesting effect in a manner Ninty hope and believe will attract new gamers and new types of games.

"PSP has been created with the assumption that the golden success formula is still working," Iwata stated. "We don't believe that. We're making every effort so that people will say we were right." Iwata can afford to be cocky too, as Nintendo has just announced plans to ship an extra 400,000 units of the DS to Japan and North America to meet festive demand. The fledgling format has reportedly already shifted a total of 1.2 million units already; with figures topping five-million on the cards by March. By contrast, Sony's limited PSP debut saw only 200,000 units shipped to retailers with more expected by the new year. It remains to be seen how well these are selling, but we can report anecdotally that we pre-ordered a unit and found no PSPs to be available on shelves when collecting the wee beastie from our local 'denki' yesterday.

More on this soon.

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