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PSP offers MPEG-4 support

The 12th looms...

With only a matter of days now until Sony launch the PSP in Japan, a few new details about this tantalising prospect have begun emerging. We've now learnt that as well making full movies available on the system's bespoke UMD format in the future, Sony will also include support for the MPEG-4 video format on the PSP. This will mean that users can download MPEG files to their Memory Stick Duo, for replaying on the go. This admission will no doubt garner a lot of support from, gamers, many of whom feared an initial dirge in UMD movie releases would render the feature pointless.

The Image Converter 2 software will bundled with the PSP in trial version, allowing gamers to convert more common video file formats (AVI, etc.) to MPEG-4. Gamers will have to purchase the conversion software beyond the trial. The system also supports Sony's own ATRAC3 format as well as MP3. We'll keep you posted as the full debut nears, and await with interest the battle between the raw power of Sony's PSP against the quirky innovation of Nintendo's DS. More soon, then.

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