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WoW cheaters axed

Blizzard get tough from the off

Just as Blizzard proclaim World of Warcraft the fastest selling PC game ever, having amassed day one sales of 240,000, the company also announced that it has already begun axing the accounts of those caught cheating in the new game. Apparently, the biggest initial problem has been with those found using 'speed hacks' to speed up in game movement. The developer promises a no nonsense approach to the nefarious minority, hence these bannings, and are eager for cheats to be reported to: hacks@blizzard.com.

Blizzard have been the most publicly aggressive firm in pursuing cheats, having banned thousands of users in the past from their Battle.net online service when they were found to be breaking game rules. The game is out in Europe early next year, whilst a beta test is ongoing currently, which you can actually access now by purchasing the pre-order pack available from all good retailers. Naturally, we'll keep our eyes peeled for further word on Blizzard's war against the cheats.

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