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WarDevil sighted on Xbox 2

From a new UK developer

Word reaches us today of a brand new UK developer, creating a brand new next-generation videogame - WarDevil: The Beast Within, coming from Digi-Guys of Pinewood Studios. The new developer are aiming to release the new title at the close of 2005, tying the game in with the expected debut of the Xbox 2, a position enhanced by the company's job listing pages, where developers are sought to work with the Xbox 2 toolset. It is unknown whether other next-generation systems will also be getting WarDevil, though both Nintendo and Sony's machines are not expected before mid-2006.

Anyway, a trailer of the new videogame come 'short-movie' is available from the firm's official site, alongside early details of the game's premise - and it is the clips which excite most showing-off some seriously impressive next-generation visuals which surely bode well for the Xbox 2 if accurate. Narrative and 3D action will be key to the new title, which has already been in the works for some 15 months.

Finally, Digi-Guys are also planning to create a fully CG-animated motion picture and related videogame, something which we also believe could be undertaken at Pinewood. We look forward to learning more on this plucky upstart.

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