Atari sell on Civilization rights

But who is the buyer?

Presumably in bid to combat poor financial results, Atari have sold the rights to Sid Meier's celebrated Civilization series to an unknown purchaser for $22.3 million. Atari has held onto the series since number two arrived in 1996, when it was published by Atari parent company Infogrames. The question now is who has forked-out for the rights, with speculation mounting that Meier's own firm Firaxis are in fact the new owners. Indeed, Firaxis are currently developing numero four, and if this proves true Atari may still publish the new title.

Financial results were reported down at Atari, who's shock licence sale was presumed to be motivated by the looming repayment date on a 117 million Euro bond, coming in 2005. A loss of 32.8 million Euros were reported for the first six-months of the current financial year, and we'll be monitoring activity at the publisher with interest. Is a merger or buy-out still likely?

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