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Nintendo DS out stateside

Let the fun begin..

Even as you read this huge numbers of lucky gamers stateside are already enjoying an early taste of Nintendo's brand new gaming handheld, the DS, which launched yesterday in North America. Of course, Nintendo and their retails pals were happy to make a song and dance about the new arrival, with many outlets opening from midnight to sell the wee beastie to eager Ninty fans. Those of you of the non-hardcore persuasion may however have found it more difficult to grab a DS, or even games for the new system, as rumour has it stock has been going very quickly; in part down to better than expected demand for the innovative handheld.

Some reports at the end of last week suggested a lucky few had got their hands on the machine early, presumably through mistakes at large retailers such as Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Best Buys. The biggest launch showcase for the machine was said to be centred around EB's brand new flagship store in Los Angeles, California. Naturally, we'll keep you posted as the Nintendo DS' debut week progresses.

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