Secret Service at Tigon

New franchise kicks-off

Vin Diesel's game studio Tigon, the developer who assisted Starbreeze in creating the acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick videogame, has enlisted the talent of director Bryan Singer to assist with the creation of a brand new titles, based on an original premise. 'Secret Service' is being worked on as we speak, and will cast the player as a secret service agent working to protect the president. All of which sounds very '24' to us.

An "intimate and accurate look inside the activities of this powerful but not well-known government agency" is promised in this new outing, and it is described as a tactical adventure game.

Director Singer has reportedly been working with a White House insider to learn more about the workings of the secret services, and to help craft something a little different. Naturally, we look forward to learning more on Tigon's latest.

E3 Trailer