Halo 2 bugs Bungie

Fixes coming

Halo 2 recently became the third fastest-selling game ever in the UK (behind San Andreas and Vice City, we're assuming), but despite extra development time, it was always inevitable that a few issues would remain unresolved. The bugs then include problems with HDTV, Xbox Live, textures and audio - but never fear - for Bungie are already planning on fixing (some of) them. Of course, you'll be needing Xbox Live to do it, but if you own Halo 2 you really should possess Live anyway, so you've no excuse... anyway, the point is that Bungie hope to patch the game over Live, and are also plotting downloadable content.

"We have not announced a schedule yet, but we will be making new downloadable multiplayer maps. They rock too. I've played a couple. There will likely never be downloadable Campaign content, however," a Bungie update on the topic stated. They did however imply that the cut-scene texture problems probably won't be resolved and that audio issues are down to the hardware. Fixes and tweaks are en route for Live issues however, and HDTV revisions are possible too. We'll keep you posted. Give us the downloadable content!

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