EA in Digital Illusions take-over bid

Battlefield developer offer tabled

Whilst EA's role at Scandinavian developer DICE (or Digital Illusions) is already regarded as pivotal given their 19% stake in the firm, and the existence of a 15-year publishing deal, it would seem that the giant publisher would like yet further control of the firm. Apparently, EA have tendered an offer for all remaining shares in the company, the creators of Battlefield to which EA owns the licence. DICE's directors are currently recommending shareholders accept the offer, highlighting the benefit being part of EA would have during the risky transition to the next-generation.

"Making DICE a full partner with EA will strengthen DICE's ability to navigate the transition to the next generation of technology," chairman Torsten Larsson states yesterday. EA said that if the acquisition is successful they plan to expand the studio, investing in new teams and further titles, possibly in the four-million selling Battlefield series. DICE are currently working on Battlefield: Modern Combat, the first in the multiplayer-centred series for consoles. More soon.

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