Thompson takes on San Andreas via retailers

New lawsuit announced in Florida

GTA and games industry critic and pursuer lawyer Jack Thompson has taken a different tact with his latest case in Florida, in which he plans to take on retailer Best Buy, for selling the latest instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series: San Andreas. In a statement related to the case, Thompson describes the new GTA as a "murder simulation game in which the black villain "CJ," acting out every black stereotype that only an all-white video game company-Take 2 Interactive of New York-could come up with, takes over an entire state with cop-killing, gang-banging, and unrestrained killing of innocent citizens."

"Only an all-male company could produce this game, which trains the kids playing it to have sex with prostitutes and then run them over with their cars to get their money back," the enraged lawyer added, before attacking retailer Best Buy for breaking promises not to sell M-rated titles to minors.

"The lawsuit's purpose is to stop this charade," continues Thompson, adding that new proof connecting violent games - specifically GTA Vice City - with real-world violence, will be presented at the court. Thompson hopes the case will enforce further restrictions on the sale of games Stateside. We'll keep you posted, of course.

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