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Underground 2 golden

Out very soon..

The current generation of consoles and the PC will be getting a large dose of testosterone-fuelled machismo soon in the shape of EA's Need for Speed Underground 2. A GBA version is also touted, and all versions of the new game are expected out on November 15th, stateside at least. The sequel promises much the same popular blend as the original, which was a surprisingly huge hit even for EA, who struck a perfect harmony between racing and 'yoof' culture with last year's smash.

A new introduction to this game is the free-roaming environment, a la GTA, and we're promised a vast city complete with five diverse neighbourhoods in which to roam and race, albeit in a non-violent manner. A radio station playing plenty of 'chav' style favourites will also no doubt please fans of the series, and there will of course be an online mode to enjoy.

We'll bring you more on this as we get it.

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