Nintendo heads to Court

Litigation underway stateside

Nintendo's litigation-happy ways continue apace this week, after last week's legal tussle with porno website, which offended big 'N' simply by mentioning Metroid Prime in one of their model's biography. Having finished with said naughty site, Nintendo have set their sites on firms importing imitation Ninty products to North America, specifically those behind an N64-alike controller pre-loaded with games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

The offending product in question is sold in numerous 'malls' stateside, and is available in the UK too, though Nintendo of Europe have not announced a similar crack-down as yet. It may well be coming, however...

"This action is one of many steps Nintendo is taking to protect its creative rights and to combat the growing international problem of product piracy," commented antipiracy head Jodi Daugherty. "We're confident that mall management companies around the nation will provide their complete cooperation upon being informed of the court's decision."

Nintendo have hardly been whiter than white in recent years themselves, an EU investigation exposing mass price-fixing resulting in a whopping £94 million fine for the company. More soon.

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