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PSP dating, pricing, battery life and more revealed

Sony finally speaks...

In a bid to assure the critics and potential fans of the PSP handheld, Sony have finally put us all out of our misery (and in so doing defied the growing crowd of sceptics), by revealing a date and price for the much-discussed gaming gizmo. The PSP will be out in Japan on December 12th, and will carry a RRP of just 20,790 yen including tax (just over £100, or about $200), far less than almost anyone thought possible - and (crucially) only 5,000 Yen more than Nintendo's DS.

Power comparible with the PS2 is touted, and a widescreen LCD will hopefully allow the visuals to blossom, whilst we're also rewarded with wireless internet functionality for net and multiplayer action. The battery life touted is also somewhat better than previously believed, Sony claiming between four to six hours for gaming and four to five for movie watching; which is respectably higher than the two hours hinted at previously.

Twenty-one titles will be available by the end of the year in Japan, and UMD format movies and the like are said to be en route for 2005. Here's the list of forthcoming games in full, we'll look out for further word on European and US launches for you:

Bandai - Lumines - Music & Luminary Action Puzzle
Bandai - The legend of heroes Gagharvtrilogy White Witch - Role Playing Game
Capcom - Vampire Chronicle The Chaos Tower - Fighting
CyberFront - Kollon - Puzzle Action
Electronic Arts - Need for Speed Underground Rivals (Working Title) - Race
Electronic Arts - Tiger Woods PGA Tour (Working Title) - Golf
FromSoftware - Armored Core Formula Front - Mech Customizing Simulation
Hudson Soft - Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory - Action Role Playing Game
Koei - Dynasty Warriors - Action
Koei - Mahjong (Working Title) - Table
Konami - Metal Gear Acid
Konami - Mah-Jong Fight Club - Board Game Marvelous - AI Go - Board Game Master
Marvelous - AI Mah-Jong - Board Game Master
Marvelous - AI Shogi (Japanese Chess) - Board Game Master
Namco - Kotoba No Puzzle Mojipittan Daijiten - puzzle
Namco - Ridge Racers - racing
Sega - Puyo Pop Fever - Puzzle
Sony - Dokodemo Issyo - Misc.
Sony - Hot Shots Golf - Sports, Golf
Taito - Puzzle Bobble Pocket - Puzzle

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