Batman Begins by getting altogether darker

New game sighted

If the brand new Batman film being created by Warner Bros. sounds like it could be the dark and gothic take on the comics we've all been waiting for, then the interactive adaptation could also be the best virtual example of the caped-crusaders escapades yet. EA and Warner are partnering on the new game, due to launch in tandem with the new flick in 2005 on the Xbox, GameCube and PS2. PSP and GBA versions are also planned.

The film which will provide much of the inspiration sounds like it might rejuvenate the series too, called Batman Begins, it will chart the origins of our hero, from the murder of his parents and his subsequent martial arts learnings; the film will be the darkest since Tim Burton's superb original. American Psycho's Christian Bale will play a more ruthless Batman, whilst the scriptwriter of Blade is in charge of the plotline.

Eurocom will develop for consoles, whilst Vicarious Visions take care of the handheld proceedings. All in all, we're mightily enthused by this new prospect.

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