Doom 3 expansion announced

More hell, anyone?

Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil was today announced officially by publisher Activision, who revealed in so doing that the double-barrelled shotgun is on the way back, in this new instalment being created jointly between Nerve and id Software. The premise is pure Doom, our trusty marine taking possession of an ancient artefact containing the very essence of hell's power... which the demons almost inevitably want back.

New locations, weapons and foes are promised, including the boomstick, whilst the multiplayer component will now support up to eight players, across a spate of brand-spanking new maps. "Doom 3 defines first-person cinematic action," id CEO Todd Hollenshead boasted, "and the expansion pack continues right where we left off - with a terrifying atmosphere, a new story and one of the most classic weapons ever, the double-barrelled shotgun."

More on this as we get it, including a release date, we hope.

E3 Trailer