Gran Turismo 4 later in Europe

PAL regions slip to 2005

Despite having cut out the much-anticipated online component to save time, Sony UK has confirmed that Gran Turismo 4 will still slip in Europe, into Q1 2005. The slip doesn't just include Europe, either - rather all PAL territories - Sony confirming that localisation issues are to be blame, citing in particular the difficulties of translation into thirteen languages.

Polyphony's opus is still said to be on track for a release this Christmas in North America and Japan, though like the PAL versions, this edition will also launch sans online play - something of a blow to the series' numerous fans who viewed the online mode as the main selling point of the new title.

Polyphony are now considering the feasibility of a separate online GT game in mid-2005, assuming they can overcome the technical problems plaguing such a title on the PS2. More on this soon.

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