Lionhead go solo

"No publishers for us"

Bucking the trend of partnering with publishers to fund future releases, Guildford developer Lionhead have revealed they are utilising venture capital in order to fund future developments, thereby maintaining their independence from the major publishers. Several million pounds will be provided by Ingenious Ventures, IDG VE and Add Partners, though the exact terms remain a secret.

"Capital investment is necessary for any development studio wanting to create triple A titles and previously it has been the industry norm for this investment to come from publishers," CEO Peter Molyneux explained. "However, we were attracted to a different source of funding as we felt this would give us more flexibility for future product discussions with publishers."

Lionhead and Big Blue Box's Fable has just been released and has shifted an impressive 1.2 million copies stateside thus far, providing the British developer with a strong bargaining tool with future publishing partners. BC, Black and White 2 and The Movies are already en route from the developer in coming months too. More as we get it.

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