Medal of Honour 4 revealed

EA announce latest in the series

Much to the surprise of, well, no one really - word of Medal of Honour 4 has slipped out in a recent EA financial briefing. MoH4 is being developed for unspecified consoles, and will be released in early to mid 2005. Details on the new game are scant, but we're hoping it'll be more to write home about than Rising Sun, which did little to further the series goodly reputation.

Pacific Assault, the latest PC addition to the series, may have been delayed too, possibly because of the luke-warm critical response to Rising Sun. EA are contending this view however, originally said to derive from the financial briefing - stating that Pacific Assault will be released on November 12th. Regardless, Medal of Honour 4 could be with us as early as March 2005, so we're certainly looking forward to more information on this soon.

In related EA news, the publisher has confirmed that the first Sims 2 expansion will be released during the first months of 2005, alongside a sequel to the popular Fight Night.

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