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CM5 could be delayed until 'New Year'

Very bad news for Eidos

It never rains but it pours for embattled British publisher Eidos Interactive, whose shares have hit their lowest point of the year amid speculation that Championship Manager 5 has slipped. The publisher finally confirmed market fears today, stating that October is off the cards but they still hope to have the title out by Christmas. The guarded statement did however suggest that a release in the New Year was also not implausible. With relevance to this, Eidos has also confirmed it is "continuing to pursue discussions in relation to the possible sale of the Company," a sad situation for a firm once valued as one of the industry's biggest players.

Meanwhile, Xbox and PS2 versions of CM5 are still on track for a release in Spring 2005, whilst the previously revealed online CM will also be coming in the wake of the PC release - whenever that will now be. All of this will of course come as joyous news to Sega and Sports Interactive, who could now get Christmas all to themselves for new title Football Manager 2005 - the spiritual successor to past CM outings.

We'll keep you posted on all this as it develops.

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