No Evil taking Residence this year

The US gets it first, too..

In a curious twist, it appears Capcom's eagerly awaited Resident Evil 4 will now be coming out in North America prior to a Japanese debut. The GameCube exclusive was due out in the Winter, but the survival horror title will now arrived on January 27th in Japan, more than two weeks after the North American launch on the 11th. This new word is not official, but it will come as a blow to those anticipating the game before Christmas.

Downsides aside, it seems that Resident Evil 4 is actually looking pretty good, with some impressively different zombie AI, as well lovely new graphics, featuring. All in all it expected to be something of a shot in the arm for the stagnated genre - and the Cube exclusivity should do Nintendo s favour as well.

By current datings, the European release is due in the Spring, and it will interesting to see this large scale title hitting the Cube. Fingers crossed it lives up to expectations.

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