Nintendo gets cheaper

New titles for £20

With Christmas fast approaching, Nintendo appear to be playing the pricing card once again, reducing the cost of some thirty titles for the GameCube to £20. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Soul Calibur 2, F-Zero GX and Mario Party 5 will all be added to the Player's Choice range from next week.

Third-party games joining the fun include FIFA 2004, Quidditch World Cup, The Return of the King, MoH: Rising Sun and NFS: Underground. Billy Hatcher, Splinter Cell, Rayman 3, Spider Man and Sonic Heroes have also dived aboard the budget wagon.

More titles are also mooted, but we're too lazy to type their names. Head on over to your favourite etailer for the full scoop, its certainly a cheap way of adding quality to your collection.

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