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CM5 could slip

Bad news for Eidos...

Embattled British publisher Eidos Interactive saw shares drop to a disastrous low of 89 pence yesterday, amid widespread speculation that the crucial continuation of the Championship Manager series could slip into 2005. October is however still the date being mooted, though it is more than plausible that the title - the first from the newly formed Beautiful Game Studios - could require more time to perfect. Eidos are refusing to comment, though retailers are stating November - whilst industry insiders point to a delay until March 2005, which would be bad news for the Wimbledon based PLC.

Beautiful Game Studios are creating a CM game for the first time since Eidos and Sports Interactive fell-out, leaving the publisher with the CM brand but no developer. SI meanwhile have created Football Manager 2005, which is being published by Sega. It will certainly be good news for this title (a November release) if CM does slip, meaning that SI aren't competing against their own former franchise this Yuletide. More as we get it.

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