New 3D Realms game mooted

But where's the Duke at?

Dallas developer 3D Realms is working on a brand new, as-yet unannounced title, according to president Scott Miller, who made the admission in an internet posting. 3D Realms have grown increasingly infamous in recent years; mainly because Duke Nukem Forever is still in development, and has been for more than seven years. Once a highly anticipated sequel, Duke Forever is now something of an industry joke - though repeated proclamations from the developers insist the game will be released.

"Although we're known for Duke, we also helped bring Max Payne to the market, and we're currently working on an unannounced original game," Miller stated. Does this mean Duke is progressing well, and could be released soon? Who knows, we do however fear for the project, given the raft of top-notch FPS games out or en route. More on this mysterious new game, as we get it.

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