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Warhammer MMORPG returns

Climax bring back the dead...

Despite publisher Sega and Games Workshop reportedly giving up on the development of Warhammer Online, developer Climax's CEO Karl Jeffrey has stated that the game is back on, and will be released in eighteen months time. Games Workshop ended their financial backing in June, "following a full review of the progress, costs to date and future costs of the project". They will now lend a hand in the creative process; if not the financial side of things.

Former publisher Sega haven't confirmed or denied any involvement with the revitalised project, and may still publish, if the now self-funding Climax can deliver the game in a goodly state. Climax stated after the canning in June that they still hold aspirations of entering the MMORPG arena, and would continue to pursue interests providing costs remained acceptable. More on this as we get it.

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