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BioShock doffs cap to SS2

New game from Irrational glimpsed

BioShock is the latest title from Irrational Games, which the developer has been discussing for the first time having finally got Tribes: Vengeance out of the door. The game has reportedly been in the early stages of production for some three years, though no publisher has been confirmed for this so-called 'spiritual-successor' to the excellent System Shock 2. Like SS2, BioShock promises a post-modern plotline with a twisting non-linear narrative which can be altered based on your in-game choices.

A heavily modified version of the Unreal engine will provide the power, and the theme of "convergence of technology and biological life" will pervade the title, according to Irrational general manager Ken Levine. The title will be set predominantly in an abandoned WWII laboratory, the location of bizarre experiments our lead character will no doubt be uncovering in due course.

Played from the first-person perspective, this new horror game will see the central character utilising DNA modifying techniques to acquire special abilities, which will come in handy at various strategic moments during the game. All in all, it sounds rather intriguing, so hopefully we'll have more soon.

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