EA look to PS3 in 2006

And they should know...

EA chief Warren Jenson has told investors at a conference call that the world's largest games publisher is currently expecting the Xbox 2 and the Playstation 3 to begin arriving from late 2005 onwards. Jenson stated that Microsoft's offering would probably be out for Christmas 2005, with Sony's rival hot on its heals; out within six months of this. Whilst the CFO admitted these dates were still open to change, he also said that the PS3 could alter, coming as early as winter 2005 to rival the Xbox 2, or as late as winter 2006.

Of course, Jenson will be kept well in 'the loop', by the eager console manufacturers, and this word could therefore be taken as the current best estimate - which also concurs with other expert opinion. Of course, Sony are likely to be far more cagey, as they consider their strategy amid a fearsome onslaught from Redmond - desperate to get the Xbox out on top. We'll keep you posted, natch.

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