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Spectators on Xbox Live confirmed by Gates

Xbox TV confirmed

It isn't often that the world's richest man speaks on matters of the gaming variety - despite his sizable stake in the industry thanks to the Xbox - he generally seems content to let his gaming chiefs handle this area of the business. Yesterday, however, Bill Gates did speak - to students of Berkeley University to be precise. One attendee of the lecture at the Californian institution asked the corporate bigwig what product he was most proud of.

Gates replied with reference to the Xbox, and new features currently being created for it, such as the ability for spectators to watch games progressing over Xbox Live. The online 'audiences' idea was first hinted at a week or two ago, as 'Xbox TV', and Gates' statement appears to support this new technology. The TV idea implying far more than just a viewing mode too - suggesting more information displayed via an on-screen console, providing an experience akin to watching sport on television.

All we need to know now is whether it is being developed for the Xbox or its successor. We suspect more details to be some way off, however.

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