Bungie look to new title

Which won't be Halo related...

Bungie studio manager Peter Parsons told the BBC recently that the developer's next project will not be based on the Halo series, and confirmed that a brand new title is already under consideration - with November release Halo 2 all but complete now. "After Halo 2 we are planning to do something different," Parson's confirmed. "We will do something else and we have a few ideas." Nice.

"We have several hundred years of Halo fiction laid out," Parsons added by way of reassurance to Halo fans - and also stated that a cinematic rendition is not off the cards, as there has already been interest in such an idea. Not that Bungie have any plans for this currently.

Speculation has it that new title in question will probably be an Xbox 2 launch game - with the possibility that another team or third-party might be enlisted to continue Halo development into numero three. We'll keep you posted on all such tittle-tattle.

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