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Sleeping Dragon awakens Japan

Revolution adventure heads east

Do you know adventure game developer Revolution? The team behind the seminal series of Broken Sword point-and-click titles, so popular in years gone by? Well, their latest game, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon, appears to be doing rather well for itself - having earnt a release in Japan - something of a tough nut to crack. The game was something of a let-down in the UK, and Revolution will be hoping Japan is rather more enthused by the game.

In line with the new cultural background of its audience, Sleeping Dragon will be promoted and embellished with manga artwork, and software house head Charles Cecil sounds suitably enthused: "As a fan of Japanese adventures, it's a real honour to finally see a Revolution Software game officially released in the territory," he enthused. "The game was well received by critics throughout Europe and America, and we're confident Japanese gamers will take it to their hearts as much as the rest of the world." More on the progress of Revolution as we get it.

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