Nintendo plot big screen debut

Former Prez suggests change of tact

One of the founding fathers of firm now recognisable as present day Nintendo is suggesting another radical shift for the Japanese console firm, decades after playing a key role in the company's move from card games to electronica. Hiroshi Yamauchi has told press that he plans to suggest a feature film to the board of directors, an animated movie based on the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu compilation - traditional Japanese poetry.

The former president, still a major shareholder in Ninty, believes such a project could thrive at home and abroad, and will put forward a full proposal at this month's board meeting. We'll keep you posted on this interesting development, which could be regarded as a diversification in order to keep pace with rivals Sony and Microsoft - who are both more than capable of damaging big 'N's bottom line, especially with new consoles fast approaching.

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