Xbox TV coming with part deux

MS jobs site lets slip

A new online feature, dubbed Xbox TV, could be added with the next version of the Live online service for Xbox 2 (or Xbox Next). Dubbed simply 'Xenon' currently, the successor to the Xbox has yet to be unveiled, however a job posting on the Microsoft site does reveal some for the company's early plans. Xbox TV could well be a spectator mode on Live, with the following implied on the official MS careers site: "a spectator mode for many Xenon games, Xbox TV - with tickers at the bottom of the screen featuring recent high scores and game highlights, a tournament system, and tradable trophies."

Of course, the job listing probably wasn't supposed to give away such intrinsic details of a service probably more than a year away - but we suspect it could be part of Redmond's ever ambitious plans for the Live service, which will no doubt be more central to the Xbox 2. An unveiling for the new hardware is expected by some to come at CES in January 2005; so we've probably something of a wait on our hands.

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