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PlayFirst courts casual gamers

New company down with the mums and kids...

PlayFirst, a brand new gaming firm, revealed its statement of intent yesterday, announcing that they plan to tap underserved markets via a new method of games publishing online. The target audience for PlayFirst is reportedly women and younger kids, demographics traditionally over-looked by publishers - whom PlayFirst believe offer enormous potential. The downloadable games firm has $5 million in funding to commence operations and is being headed by Brad Edelman, Jason Rubinstein, and John Welch (of Macromedia, Ubisoft and Shockwave respectively).

"We're going beyond the hardcore gamer," Welch commented. "We want to reach families, women, and new audiences with games that are easy to play and fun." The first spate of online games from PlayFirst are expected later this year, we look forward to seeing how different their wares prove to be.

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