SCi champion Highlander

80s classic purchased

No, this isn't a story about mad Billy the Scottish drunken wanderer, rather the series of films starring Christopher Lambert that were big in the 80s. Do you remember? I think at least one of them also had Sean Connery, and there was much time-travelling and sword-swinging. Now, publisher SCi (also working on a Reservoir Dogs game currently) has bagged the rights to create a videogame based on this official film licence, and is clearly pleased with the potential Highlander has to offer.

"There are so many great opportunities with such a rich licence as the Highlander franchise," creative director Patrick O'Luanaigh commented. "We will be working closely with Peter Davis and Bill Panzer to develop the Highlander universe further. The concept is ideal for a game." All of which sounds very promising, and SCi clearly feel the market is still there for such a title, even if it is based on a now aged licence. More soon.

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