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Putty Squad arrives on PS4

Other versions due soon

System 3's retro revival title Putty Squad has arrived on the PlayStation 4.

Putty Squad is a follow-up to the classic Amiga title Super Putty following the adventures of a super-powered ball of putty.

System 3 CEO Mark Cale said, “With the PS4 now launched in the UK, we’re delighted to offer Putty Squad to our retro loving gamers, but also bringing retro gaming back to those didn’t get the chance of getting their hands on Super Putty back in the day. As Super Putty was a worldwide hit, we’re also giving players the chance to play the original, if they’ve pre-ordered Putty Squad on the PS4. The classic elements of Putty Squad will ensure fun and frenetic gaming for all who manipulate the blue blob in any form they desire.”

The game is voiced by the larger-than-life talents of Brian Blessed. Anyone who pre-ordered the game on PSN will get access to the original Super Putty as part of the game's extensive season pass.

Putty Squad will also be released on the PS3, PS Vita, Xbox 360, Windows 8 Store Steam, DS and 3DS soon.

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