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TGS 2004: PSP to support MP3s

Sony back track and embrace de facto standard...

Aha! Great news for Sony fanboys and super-slick-gadget-lovers alike today, as Sony confirm that the PSP shall indeed support MP3s. The news comes after officials announced their decision to enable MP3 functionality on all their music players in the foreseeable future, thus stepping away from their former 'ATRAC encoded only' stance.

Sounds like great news to us; which means that Sony notch up some more brownie points with us after the shocking probable battery-life news of yesterday. Yeah, we might still not be able to play it for more than two hours at this stage, but if my PSP's going to die half-way through my favourite song, I damn well don't want to have had to load it in ATRAC format in the first place...

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