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TGS 2004: Tiger Woods and NFS go PSP

EA and Sony, in a tree...

Sony financial geezer Warren Jenson told investors yesterday that Need for Speed Underground and Tiger Woods PGA Tour are scheduled as part of the PSP's debut line up of titles.

Both will be wireless enabled, and Tiger Woods arrival is especially good news for the Japanese, as handheld golf is about as much as they've got room for without resigning themselves to a two year waiting list. Sadly, they'll just have to be patient with the considerably nearer (yet unconfirmed) Japanese release date, whilst lucky Brits can tide over the wait till 2005 with a genuine game of golf, you know, outdoors. And we can all enjoy just hanging around in real cars at traffic lights until we can get our hands on Need For Speed together. Hand(held)s across the world.

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