TGS 2004: Dementos drives Capcom crazy

New title revealed for PS2...

Capcom today announced a couple of details about their new PS2 game today in Tokyo; a fact made all the more teasingly flirtatious due to the word 'couple' being used in the strictest sense.

1 - The game will see Fiona, a hot young anime style lady, making her way through a 'deserted' mansion accompanied by her canine chum Hewie.

2 - Oh yeah, and a giant called Debilitas is chasing her. Of course.

For more exasperatingly stingy bits of information, you can visit the games' site and watch the trailer. It's all looking very exciting and moody, with a pencil-shaded grey misty film covering the action, and fire-highlighted Japanese characters adding to the sense of mystery (particularly if you're me, thus having the ability to read the Japanese without having the slightest clue as to what any of it means). Definitely one to watch out for.

More on this exciting news as we get it.

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