TGS 2004: GT4 on time, but...

...there's bad news.

Some mixed news for PS2 racing fans arrives today from the Tokyo games show.

The Good news: Sony representatives have confirmed that the eagerly anticipated Gran Turismo 4 will be released worldwide in December, with Japanese gamers the first to get their racing gloved mitts on copies on the 3rd, and U.S and European releases scheduled for the following week! Hurrah!

The Bad news: sadly, online multiplayer support has been dropped from the game entirely, and net racers will have to wait until 2005 for a new GT game set to include this function. Unfortunately, not much information has been provided about this new endeavour; thus leading us to speculate that perhaps the reason behind this new title is that in Sony and Polyphony Digital's reluctance to miss out on the Christmas market, they are releasing GT4 without full functionality in order to reach the scheduled release date. Seems somewhat of a pity, but hey, we all still want to pretend we're racing pros in our pyjamas on Christmas morning, so no real complaints here.

Sorry to give you the good news first, but we're impatient little sods here who could never take our parent's advice to follow disappointment with consolation...

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