Full Spectrum 2 under way

Pandemic begin development on sequel

With the original still warming our CD drives, THQ and Pandemic offer news today that a sequel to Full Spectrum Warrior is already under way at the game's developer, though Pandemic are unsure at this early stage whether to create FSW2 for the current or next-generation of hardware. So, we know it's happening, we're just not sure when or how. Ahem.

In related news Pandemic have also let-slip that the first downloadable content for the game should be coming on October 4th in the form of a new mission titled Epilogue 1. A second mission, Epilogue 2, will also be coming in November apparently, though THQ are still debating whether to release it for a free or as 'Premium' downloadable content. Both of these new missions will be included in the forthcoming PC version, which will be out at the beginning of next month. More soon.

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