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PS3 embraces new media as PStwo chops HDD


We've two interesting slices of news in this morning from the world of Sony (in addition to plenty more heading in from TGS too, no doubt), the first being word that the PS3 will utilise the brand new Blu-Ray enhanced DVD technology, which can support media up to six times the size of standard DVDs. Blu-Ray technology basically uses a more accurate blue laser to read discs, allowing for finer 'dimples' on the media and therefore greater density.

Whilst a standard DVD can hold up to 9gb of data, the new Blu-Ray discs PS3 titles will come on offers support for a staggering 54gb. The new BD-ROM media should therefore allow for some seriously high quality video playback, in vast quantities, perhaps one of Sony's main reasons for embracing the format. Word from Sony has it that an optical head capable of reading all three formats is being created for inclusion in the PS3.

So we now know that the new hardware is well underway, though what we're still not sure about is the exact name - PS3 would make most sense - but Sony's official PR stubbornly refuses to call it anything but the 'next-generation Playstation'.

In other, more current Sony news, we receive word that Sony has axed support of the hard-drive peripheral from the cut-down re-designed PS2, though will continue to offer the add-on for older PS2 hardware.

"The new PlayStation 2 was designed to be slimmer and more lightweight, and the current manufacturing, as well as capacity and design of the internal Hard Disk Drive would not allow for inclusion in the new hardware model," reads an official Sony statement. "The design of the new hardware is NOT a sign of Sony Computer Entertainment's change in philosophy regarding the Hard Disc Drive. The internal Hard Disc Drive will continue to be sold in North America and Sony Computer Entertainment America will offer related services and customer support."

Sony goes on to hint that other memory expansion options are being considered for the PStwo - which we should begin to see as Christmas approaches.

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