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Chaos Theory delayed until 2005

Ubi make strategic re-think

Ubisoft appear to be sparing their forthcoming Tom Clancy game Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory the rigours of the festive release schedule - by delaying the game until March 2005 on all formats. This strategic move is intended to maximise the title's marketing impact, according to Ubisoft, who are clearly concerned this key triple-A release may be somewhat buried amid the Christmas rush.

Several big name Ubisoft titles suffered the same ignomy last Yuletide, when XIII, Beyond Good and Evil and the Prince of Persia all failed to live up to lofty expectations despite critical praise. The manner of the new Splinter's Cell release - with two versions of the game (set ten years apart) appearing on different formats may also be related to this rescheduling. Ubisoft would be wise to avoid confusing gamers with differing releases, especially at a time when they will be under assault from every gaming publisher anxious to sell their wares.

This re-think may also see both versions of the game released simultaneously - which would also allow gamers to play the pseudo sequel immediately having completed the first. Now there's continuity for you.

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