GT4 power-slides into 2005?

Delay fears for Gran Turismo in Japan

Distressing news reaches us today of the likelihood that Gran Turismo 4 has slipped into 2005 in Japan, with Sony amending their schedules from 'Fall 2004' to 'winter' suggesting a delay, given that 'winter 2004' is also a dating used in the schedule. It now seems probable that Polyphony's latest in the best-selling racing dynasty will slip to early 2005, we're sad to say.

Reports elsewhere quote insider admissions of a slip to 2005, though Sony will not confirm this yet, stating simply that Polyphony are perfectionists and will not release the game until it is complete. The title is still scheduled for November in Europe and North America, though such dates would clearly be erroneous if a slip did occur in Japan, where GT4 seems destined to be released first.

GT4 will be the first in the series to feature online play via the PS2 Online service, so a delay would be a blow to Sony's Christmas line-up. We hope for official word on this situation soon.

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