David Cage unsure whether it will be PS4 or Xbox One on top this generation

Differing strategies make it difficult to see who will come out on top

David Cage, the man behind PS3 opuses like Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls has been sharing his opinions on this new phase in the console wars.

The Quantic Dream boss reckons it's pretty difficult to work out who will come out on top at this stage given that Microsoft and Sony's approaches are so different.

“Every cycle is different,” Cage began, “as we saw with the last cycle. While Sony had crushed the competition on the Playstation 2′s cycle, the last cycle saw a rebalancing between the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360, and, more importantly, the emergence of Nintendo’s Wii, which no one saw coming. The next cycle will probably be very different as well.” David Cage unsure whether it will be PS4 or Xbox One on top this generation

He went on, “First of all – and that’s no surprise, we’re seeing a very significant increase in the consoles’ power. Graphic quality and realism in games will therefore increase considerably. We also see that it’s more and more about ‘connected’ consoles. The social dimension of games will also become more and more important. By the way, we expect consoles that are more open, to the mobile world in particular, with a systematic inclusion of tablets or phones as a ‘second screen’.”

“However, it’s hard to tell whether Sony or Microsoft (or someone else?) will win the cycle. The two manufacturers have visions which are apparently very different, although they also share some important points (such as the importance of the second screen),” Cage concluded.

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