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Flow and Blacklight: Retribution delayed slightly on the PS4

Both will be coming soon, probably in the next week or so

Two more of the PS4's launch line-up have been struck by delays.

Zombie Studios' free-to-play military shooter Blacklight: Retribution has slipped from a launch day release in Europe alongside thatgamecompany's experimental title Flow.

Sony's Fred Dutton said on the absence of both titles from launch day, “Both Flow and Blacklight have been subject to brief delays. They should be with you next week, but I will 100 percent confirm the date as soon as possible.” Flow and Blacklight: Retribution delayed slightly on the PS4

Of course there's still plenty to sink your teeth into. On the downloadable indie title side of things there's Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, Trine 2: Complete Edition, Putty Squad, Resogun and Contact. On the free-to-play side there's War Thunder, Warframe and DC Universe Online.

More information is available over on the PlayStation European Blog.

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