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Whilst conjecture still rages over many aspects of the Sony PSP: the launch date, the price, the battery life, the games, the functionality, et al, we're seriously hoping that the Tokyo Games Show which kicks off in Chiba next Thursday will help clear up a few of these mysteries (please, Sony?), as well as giving the PSP its first public airing.

Not only are we looking forward to witnessing how the wee beastie looks and 'feels', we're also fascinated by the quality of titles forthcoming - including a whole raft of first-party games from Sony, and other potential beauties like Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe from Capcom, and Metal Gear Acid, Ys: The Ark of Napishtim, and Mahjong Fight Club from Konami.

Many other games are expected and hoped to be on display via the new format, and we should see a few new announcements on this front too. Bring on the PSP, Sony, bring it on, we've waited long enough...

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