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Quake 4 details glimpsed

Preview of previews reveals new facts

Despite neither magazine actually being available in shops as yet - details from forthcoming PC Zone UK and PC Gamer US Quake 4 previews have begun hitting the web, as generous subscribers share their editions with the eager online community. Whilst the scanned in images don't really do the game justice, looking much the same as Doom 3 in many cases - the details emerging are rather more enlightening.

Quake 4 begins just hours after the events of Quake 2, and we're told to expect a mix of solo missions and epic battles, alongside your fellow marines attacking the nasty Strogg. The blaster, machinegun, nailgun and shotgun will return from past Quake outings, and the premise will see our hero attacking the Strogg homeworld en masse, through both interior and exterior environs.

More news is expected to hit the web soon from the newly published previews, though we can leave you with word that the multiplayer aspect is being compared to Quake 3: Arena, though vehicles from the singleplayer game will not be available. More soon.

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