Carmack considers position

id's next title could be Carmack's last

In a recent chin-wag with CNN's Chris Morris FPS technology legend John Carmack raised doubts about his position in the industry, suggesting he has no plans beyond id Software's next release, thought to be due out in about two years time. "I wouldn't hazard to look too far ahead," the veteran programmer and game engine guru commented. "I'm definitely going to see through this round of rendering work. I wouldn't make any promises beyond that."

Having completed Doom 3 to resounding success, Carmack hopes to complete id's next work in around half the time, and has already revealed that the developer are creating an entirely original 'IP' - a game not based on one of the firm's established names. "Visually, it's going to be a pretty good step above what we've shown in Doom," Carmack promised.

Perhaps Carmack's reticence is a result of him recently becoming a father. If id's next were to be his last, his presence would certainly be missed in a genre nay industry that shifts and evolves on his every movement.

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