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Doom 3 demo nears

Heading to a PC near you soon

id Software programmer Robert Duffy has confirmed that a demo of Doom 3 should be made available within the next few days, as the software is undergoing vigorous "QA" as we speak. The demo will contain three levels from the full title, and will be singleplayer only, we can report.

Duffy also announced the arrival of a 1.05 patch for Doom, stating "We don't anticipate any issues with it but felt it best to get it into the hands of a few thousand people rather than the entire customer base in case we missed something." The new download reportedly fixes a number of annoying gripes and misdemeanours, and is in limited supply via FileShack currently.

The update will be made available to Doom 3 players automatically once verified, and future updates will also add Punkbuster functionality, an SDK, and a Linux server. The future looks bright, all in all. More soon.

E3 Trailer