EA recruiting for a possible third Star Wars title

EA Canada hiring some staff for a Star Wars action game

It seems like EA are going full steam ahead on their newly acquired Star Wars game license.

EA has just posted new job listings for a lead combat designer and an animation director to work on a “major next gen action game”. One of EA's recruiters Zeba Manki even pushed the lead combat designer vacancy on her Twitter account referring to it as being for a Star Wars title. She said, “Best job title EVER! Lead Combat Designer for Star Wars.”

The vacancy is for EA Canada which is situated in Burbank near Vancouver. These guys usually focus on sports titles so it will be interesting to see exactly what game this is for. EA recruiting for a possible third Star Wars title

EA has already confirmed that DICE are working on resurrecting the Star Wars: Battlefront series and Dead Space dev Visceral Games are working on their own Star Wars title too. Visceral usually make action games but they are based in California.

Either, the EA Canada positions will be collaborating on Visceral's game or they are making one of their own. Hopefully EA will tell us all one way or the other soon.

Thanks Crave Online.

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